Shadows in The Grass – A very cool looking sci-fi short film

I came across this indiegogo campaign a few days after it launched, and the trailer really impressed me. I have soft spots for science fiction and for films in general, so this really got me excited.

The film is about a woman, named Laura, who wakes up on what appears to be a space station or colony ship. Her only companion is a robot, who may or may not be telling her the truth about who she really is or why she’s there. It reminds me of the film Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, in which a man finds himself working alone on a lunar mining base, with GERTY, a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey and who expresses his emotions with giant emoji, as his only contact. Conrad, the robot in Shadows in the Grass, is reminiscent of GERTY in his speech, but kind of resembles between GLaDOS from Portal in appearance.

The visual style looks pretty good, and I love the unusual design of the ship, which appears to have a rotating section to produce artificial gravity, but it’s attached to the ship like a bicycle wheel, rotating along it’s length instead of around it. I’ve never seen anything quite like that in science fiction before, and if the rest of the film is as creative as the ship design, we might be looking at something very cool indeed.

It’s also being produced here in Toronto, so I couldn’t help myself but back it. Currently the campaign is sitting at just under half the funding goal of $35,000 Canadian dollars. Get out there and back it!

You can check out the trailer here:

Shadows in the Grass: Indiegogo campaign pitch from Matthew K. Nayman on Vimeo.